3 Unique Ways To Gift Anthro Comics For The Holidays

If you have people in your life who love anthropomorphic animal comics, then you can find a lot of unique ways to celebrate their love for the genre with holiday gifts. The comics include very detailed artwork and unique situations where animal creatures talk, walk, and act like humans in their unique worlds.

Check out some gift ideas and ways to incorporate anthro comics into your gift-giving for family, friends, and loved ones.

1. Animal Theme Gift Basket

Many anthro comic books will feature a specific animal as the lead character, or the whole world is filled with just one species of animal. You can take the lead from those comics to create a themed basket. For example, if you find anthropomorphic comic books with a cat theme, then you could put together a cat basket.

Pair the comics with a cat-shaped mug, magnets, a printed throw blanket, or an assortment of other themed gifts. To keep with the comic book theme, consider bookmarks with a cat theme that readers may rely on while they read books and comics.

2. Framed Comic Books

Comic books provide entertainment but also serve as nice pieces of artwork. You can present a comic book in a frame to showcase some of the artistic covers. The framed comic books make great display pieces. If you know their favorite issues or series, then you could find a mint copy and present the copy in an elegant frame.

You could also stick with the animal theme. For example, you could purchase a frame with animal designs around the edges or a frame with animal print patterns. If you cannot find the exact size you need, then consider using a custom-cut matte to fit the comic behind and frame the matte size so everything fits.

3. Pre-Loaded Comic Book Reader

Along with printed comics, you have the opportunity to purchase digital issues of anthro comics for someone. You could create a digital comic book account, purchase a device, and then pre-load the device with a large collection of anthro comics.

When the person opens the gift, they do not need to wait long to start reading the comic books and can have a wide range of comic books to read from. If the person already has a device, then you can send a collection of comics as a gift and the comics will download to them as soon as they redeem the link.

Use these comic book gift ideas directly or take the ideas to come up with some original present ideas of your own.