Are You Planning The Details Of Your Wedding? 3 Tips For Creating A Memorable Guest Book

After you've booked a venue and picked out the perfect dress, you can relax and begin planning the finer details of your wedding. Keepsakes are an essential part of your wedding plans, and you want to have every moment documented. Guest books are designed to let you remember who came to celebrate your special day, and you'll love having a tangible memory of each person's sentiments. You can use these four tips to make sure that your wedding guest book is memorable and worthy of keeping in your home.

View It as a Long-Term Keepsake

After your wedding, you might want to preserve and pack away your dress and other memory items. However, your guest book can sit out on a shelf for you to flip through anytime you want to remember the special occasion. Guest books also become heirloom items that might be passed down for generations. Make sure to choose a hardcover wedding guest book that can last for years. With the right cover, you won't have to worry about damaging it from taking it out regularly, and it will be something that future generations can enjoy.

Add a Personal Touch With Photos

Photos help to dress up a guest book and give a visible image of who is signing the pages. You can add photos to your guest book in several ways. For instance, you might be able to have photos added to a personalized guest book when you order it for your wedding. Alternatively, you might choose to have a cover with an open photo slot. You can also scatter instant cameras around the wedding venue and invite your guests to post their favorite snapshots alongside their signature.

Make It Inviting for Guests to Sign

Wedding guests are often so excited to attend the event that they may overlook a guest book. A personalized hardcover wedding guest book stands out, and your guests will want to write in it when they see how important it is to you and your soon-to-be spouse. On the day of your wedding, make sure to set the guest book out in a prominent place such as a table near the entrance of the venue. You can also choose to put it in the reception area so that guests can sign it at their leisure. For guests that might be unsure of what to say, consider leaving out a few cards nearby with writing prompts. Asking them to share their wedding advice or best memory of the couple can help to make sure that your responses are more interesting than the average signature.

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