Misleading Wall Mural Myths

A wall mural is able to give your building a fresh and unique look. However, it is common for individuals to fail to consider adding this type of art to their building. In particular, there are many pieces of misinformation that can cause individuals to assume that adding a wall mural will be impossible or totally impractical.

Myth: Wall Murals Can Only Be Applied To Masonry

For individuals that dislike the look of masonry, covering these surfaces with a mural can be an excellent option for making them more discrete. However, individuals should avoid assuming that masonry is the only surface that can benefit from having a wall mural placed on it. Essentially, any type of wall can benefit from having a mural placed on it. Although, some of these surfaces may need additional preparation to make them suitable for the application of a mural.

Myth: A Mural Must Always Be On The Exterior Of The Building

Adding a mural to the exterior of your building can help to draw attention to your business. However, installing a mural on the interior walls can also enhance the appearance and impression that your business gives to customers. In addition to being possible, adding wall murals to the interior of a building can help to improve the interior aesthetics.

Myth: Interior Wall Murals Are Difficult To Maintain

The maintenance and upkeep that a business will require can be a significant drain on a company's resources. As a result, business leaders that assume an interior wall mural will add to the work needed to keep their building professional-looking may shy away from this investment. Yet, interior wall murals are extremely easy to maintain, and they will typically need no special care outside of light dusting. Positioning the mural where it will be out of reach of customers can further reduce the amount of dirt and soil that it accumulates.

Myth: You Must Close During The Wall Mural Installation

While the workers that are installing the mural, such as those at studios like Miss Hein Studio, will need ample space, this may not involve closing the entire business. It will usually be possible to easily section off the area where this work is being done so that you can keep employees and customers away until the mural is done. During the initial consultation with the wall mural installation service, they will be able to advise you as to the amount of space that will be needed during this part of the process.